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*Spiros MC, Hefner JT, Isaac CV, Hunter B. Elder abuse in forensic anthropology: A case study.

Science & Justice

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*Spiros MC, Plemons AM, Biggs JA. Pedagogical access and ethical considerations in forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology. Science and Justice.

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*Dunn RR, Spiros MC, Kamnikar KR, Plemons AM., & Hefner JT. Ancestry estimation in forensic anthropology: A review. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Forensic Science, e1369.

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*Spiros MC & Hefner JT. Ancestry estimation using cranial and postcranial macromorphoscopic traits. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 65(3), 921-929.

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*Spiros MC. Standardization of postcranial nonmetric traits and their utility in ancestry analysis. Forensic Anthropology, 2(1), 29-44.

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*Kamnikar KR, Plemons AM, Spiros MC, Hefner JT. Estimación de la ancestría utilizando características morfológicas. In: Quinto-Sánchez M, Gomez-Valdés J, eds. Avances en Antropología Forense. México City: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.